At The Pilates Hub we are passionate about Pilates and about helping you achieve the body that you want.  Pilates is a complete body exercise program which lengthens, tones and strengthens muscles to improve core strength, flexibility and muscle balance.

Based in Clitheroe, we have a dedicated studio equipped with the latest Pilates apparatus.  This allows us to offer classes that can challenge your body beyond a normal matwork class.

A semi private class is for those who would like more personal attention, but also enjoy the group environment.

A reformer class is an equipment based full body core conditioning workout designed to progressively work muscle groups, and improve strength, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Pilates matwork classes are great for strengthening the deep abdominal muscles and for toning and rebalancing the rest of the body. We focus on breathing and alignment to promote overall wellbeing

Self practice

Self practice sessions are for you if you like to work on specific areas to improve your performance or perfect a certain exercise. 

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